Brief Introduction

"BIDUR" name is familiar as Nuwakot district headquarters situated at 68km north-west of the capital Kathmandu.  This municipality was formed by existing goverment on of 27th Falgun 2073 according to constitution of nepal 2015 part 5. It spread across 130.01 square Kilometers, most of it covered by an open campestral  even some parts  are in mountain areas.  It was formed by amalgamating parts of existing Bidur Municipality, Charghare, Tupche, Gerkhu, Kalyanpur VDCs and 4-9 wards of khadgabhanjyang and divided into thirteen wards.

The city contains places of historical significance such as Nuwakot 7 storey old Palace and religious Devighat located at the confluence of the Tadi and Trishuli Rivers.Before 1744 A.D Nepal was a tiny pieces ruled by several dynasty. After then, King Prithvi Narayan Shah, King of Gorkha land started his amalgamation campaign from this region. During that period, Nuwakot was one of the entry gate of Kantipur (Kathmandu). It was the western gate to kathmandu as well as one of the route to Tibet for trade purpose.It has lots of temples, dabalis, with several culture and customs, mainly conserved from the period of malla dynasty and shah dynasty.